Caught Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea


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This is our debut album, recordings were back in summer 2010.


released March 18, 2012

All songs and lyrics written by SEAMYSIDE.

Bass - Arne
Drums - Marv
Guitars - Thomas
Vocals - Martin

Additional guitars by Mäsi (thx bro)

Instrumentals recorded by Henner @ THA Rehearsal Room Dessau, vocals recorded, all mixed and mastered by Henner @ Tonmeisterei Oldenburg.
Artwork by Arne Vossfeldt Photography.



all rights reserved


SEAMYSIDE Dessau, Germany

SEAMYSIDE started some years ago and meanwhile released 2 EPs and one album, played all over Europe and always stayed true to its members trust in creative friendship, generating the vibe of DIY post metal combined with an emotional approach to understand human behaviour. ... more

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Track Name: Eve O'Lution
Evolution is not a story of progress,
indeed it's more or less a regress.
We've learned from his story, history,

that we don't develop to the better,
the saner, the ideal,
but question the ancient.

But is negation progress
or just negotiation?
No idea, but the reason and aim is always satisfaction!

We just ship to a new shore, right?
But what do all those brave new worlds
have as purpose?
As long as you're satisfied with the change,
you don't question the content!

We'll always live in a world,
where the wind of change will blow our minds.

So sing with us, or shut up forever.

Hi-5, if you're happy!
Hi-8, if you're more than happy!
Hi-Def, if you're deaf to
Hi-Fi, if you believe in fiction!

I love Eve, I love Eve O'Lution.
Track Name: CLC
Do you know these people living for style?
I like'em like meat, they are top of the pile.
Me is not, so I'm playing anti.

I like CLC and I'm not ugly,
Nor beautiful, but that doesn't count.
And I like this fancy sound
coming from your neck
when the brainwashers attack.
I'll crack your spine to ensure
that you're spineless,
hold the flag!

So who judges whom?
Can I say, I'm better than you,
cuz I don't care for
or think about your style?

I'm so anti-anti-anti.
Track Name: Caught Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
We have nothing in common any more except for this,
but I still call you my friend.
It's not too pessimistic to state that if this last chain's broken,
this friendship will end.

It seems to me as if you don't care,
maybe this apathy causes some trouble spare.
It seems to me as if you don't dare
to change your apathy, where is your eyes' flare?

I'd even go so far
to say I don't even know who you are.
I can't tell your likes and dislikes
or if you're near or far
from leaving us or quit this life at all.
Don't know if you're willing to or unhappy to fall.

It's sad we divided so much and songs are the last ties that bind.
It's sad, but to late, since it seems we're unable to find
our hot spot again, so with a crying heart
I soon won't deny the arrival of our

Never mind the odds.
Never fear the loss.
Never give it up.
Track Name: Latitudinarian
While the false idols are praised
thousands are starving to death,
but since we're less human than media-raised,
we don't care about the rest.
We don't care about the rest.

All the rest behind those money lies
is forgotten for better sleep.
The icons preach to do so, oversleep demise.
For better sleep the icons preach to oversleep demise.

Everybody wants to save his own neck in the end.

Mother Nature got stabbed in the face,
nobody should recognize her any more.
Mother Courage got put into mental home,
nobody should remember her any more.
No more need for mothers,
but for attention whores.
If there was truth, who saved its core?

And to cry is not an option,
but part of the lethargy.

And to be silent is not the option.
Most people accept it for comfort anyway.

I try to think freely
and as I make headway,
I can explore the horror of life,
but the beauty, too.
Track Name: Dirty Talk
Dirty Talk.
So now it's once again the time
for us to deliver the lines
that you are able to recall...
I wanna hear you all:

Give blood standing strong!
But never think for yourself.
Keep it real, no turning back!
All the ideas we had to shelve.

Accidentally we are of no school,
so clearly no one gives a shit
on how our lyrics go, cuz no fool
wanna sing along with us misfits.

Say what you wanna say, thinking is for wimps.

Believe what you want to and keep on talking rubbish
on how stereotypical we are and how amateurish.
You may have your ideal based online with ignorance
that's okay for us! So to you and so called your friends:

Don't read the lyrics!
Hate uncommon things!
We're misfitting misfits!
Greetz to the elitist social network kings.
Don't read the lyrics! (fuck the lyrics)
Hate uncommon things! (or the common things)
We're spewing biscuits!
Greetz to the scene kings.
Track Name: Addendum
Track Name: Tasteless Brownies
Oh poor you, that you suffered such a devastation.
It was unfair, but wasn't it necessary in this situation?

And what's the meaning of unfairness
after slaughtering 10 million people?
Just a guess (just a guess).

If there were signs, you didn't see them.
That was part of your idiocracy.
So what are you talking about fault and debt
in such a state of indignity.

I don't feel sorry for my cynicism,
when I say: You got, what you deserved!

Most of the people, that are able to think,
laugh about your victim demeanour,
you hater of pink, you hater of freethinking,

You lover of racist ideas.
Don't you see ideology is close to idiot?

Harmed in your heart of Kruppsteel,
this wound of honour will never heal.
I hope you will suffer from it for 1000 years.

I don't feel sorry for my cynicism,
when I say: You got, what you deserved!
Track Name: Black Breath
Where is the place to be free, not guilty?
Nowhere, you won't find it.
Where is the place to live unrepressedly?
Nowhere, we're not worthy.
Working, buying, degenerating:
this is your humble life.

Staring, sneaking, hibernating,
Praying, hoping, vegetating:
your way to lose the strife
with your own human right.
your way to lose the strife
with your own human right
to be the very bright
head of evolution, sucker.

Is there still a difference
between not showing feelings
and not having any?
And not having any?

We were the lonesome bodies
that were supposed to be
Darwinistic parodies:
feel self purposely free.

Pretending you are nothing
marks my final spot
due to the circumstances
of the rising of your god.

This god of money, lies
and this speciesistic air
you breathe, I stopped to do so,
it's impossible to bear.
But still I can't say that you mean
nothing to me,
I have those feelings left, still want to preserve
Track Name: Flooding The Mask
Not waiting for anything again,
time flows, while seasons are changing.

I live with this flow, enjoy the beauty of life:
Moments are more important then.
I'd never say I don't regret a thing,
the abstraction is a golden wing
and since the flood it saved me from myself.

Less dangerous, more curious,
I question not only progress as such,
but also authority.
As atheist this is the only possibility
to accept the own position in society.

And to be not afraid, never.
I'm over the fever called sub-society.
No need for more cliché behaviour.

To avoid the impact of commercial strategies
I reinvented myself as a brand, too.

And I feature myself flooding the mask.